The Cameronians - Scottish Rifles
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The Cameronians - Scottish Rifles



Succession List - The 26th (or Cameronian) Regiment

1689-1692 The Earl of Angus
1692-1693 Colonel Andrew Monro
1693-1705 Colonel William Borthwick
1706 Colonel Lord Dalrymple (The Second Earl of Stair)
1706-1720 Colonel George Preston (later Lieutenant-General)
1720-1760 Colonel Philip Anstruther (later Lieutenant-General)
1760-1763 Colonel Edward Sandford
1763-1775 Colonel John Scott (later General)
1775-1782 Colonel Lord Adam Gordon (later General)
1782-1795 Colonel Sir William Erskine
1795-1801 Major-General Sir Charles Stuart
1801-1806 Colonel Andrew Gordon (later Lieutenant-General)
1806-1813 Major-General Lord Elphinstone (later Lieutenant-General)
1813-1838 Major-General The Earl of Dalhousie
1838-1854 Colonel Sir John Colborne (later Lord Seaton)
1854-1862 Major-General Sir Philip Bainbrigge
1862-1889 Major-General George Mackinnon
(In 1890 Mackinnon became Colonel of both Battalions of The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

Succession List - The 90th Regiment

1794-1823 Colonel Commandant Thomas Graham of Balgowan (later Lord Lynedoch)
1823-1837 Major-General Ralph Darling
1837-1842 Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Sheehy Keating
1842-1854 Colonel Alexander Leith
1854-1858 Colonel W. Felix Calbert
1858-1862 Colonel Alexander F. Macintosh
1862-1881 Colonel William Hassall Eden
1882-1889 Colonel John Street

Succession List - The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

1890-1899 Major-General George Mackinnon
1899-1910 Lieutenant-General Sir J. Clark Rattray
191 0-1918 Major-General J. H. Laye
191 8-1927 Major-General P. R. Robertson
1927-1945 Major-General Sir Eric Girdwood
1946-1951 General Sir Thomas Riddell-Webster
1951 -1954 General Sir Richard O'Connor
1954-1961 Major-General D. A. H. Graham
1961-1964 General Sir Horatius Murray
1964-1968 Lieutenant-General Sir George Collingwood.

Sources: '300 Years of Service' published by the Regimental Trustees