The Cameronians - Scottish Rifles
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The Cameronians - Scottish Rifles



VC's of the Regiment

Please click on the names below for individual citations:

Private John Alexander 90th 1855 Crimea
Sergeant Andrew Moynihan 90th 1855 Crimea
Surgeon Anthony Home 90th 1857 India
Assistant Surgeon William Bradshaw 90th 1857 India
Major John Guise 90th 1857 India
Sergeant Samuel Hill 90th 1857 India
Private Patrick Graham 90th 1857 India
Lieutenant William Rennie 90th 1857 India
Colonel Henry Lysons 90th 1879 Zulu Land
Colour Sergeant Edmund Fowler 90th 1879 Zulu Land
Private Henry May 1st Bn 1914 France
Sergeant John Erskine 5th Bn 1916 France
Private James Towers 2nd Bn 1918 France
Lieutenant (Henry) Evelyn Wood 90th
Lieutenant (Robert) Montresor Rogers 90th
Corporal James Dalgleish Pollock 5th Bn
Corporal James Lennox Dawson 5th Bn
Lieutenant Colonel William Herbert Anderson 5th Bn
Corporal William Clamp 6th Bn

The following Victoria Crosses reside with the Regimental Museum:
John ERSKINE The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Edmund John FOWLER The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Patrick GRAHAM 90th Regiment (The Cameronians)
Henry LYSONS The Cameronians ( Scottish Rifles )
Henry MAY The Cameronians ( Scottish Rifles )
Andrew MOYNIHAN 90th Regiment (The Cameronians)
William RENNIE 90th Perthshire Light Infantry

Location of other Cameronians VCs
John ALEXANDER National War Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
William BRADSHAW Army Medical Services Museum, Aldershot
Sir John GUISE Not publicly held
Samuel HILL Tolson Memorial Museum, Huddersfield
Sir Anthony HOME Army Medical Services Museum, Aldershot
James TOWER Not publicly held

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Source: The Regimental Trustees